3 Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

Looking into fat reduction but don’t feel like cosmetic surgery is right for you? Wish there was an alternative to surgical fat removal that didn’t have all the risks and complications? Ready to improve your body confidence? 

The good news is that there are non-surgical fat reduction treatments out there, and they don’t involve all of the scary aspects of surgery.

If you want to contour and perfect your body by removing pockets of fat, then you should consider non-invasive treatments that are equally as effective. There are lots of concerns that come with surgery, including stitches, incisions, infections, reactions to anaesthesia and scarring. 

So how can these non-surgical treatments help to reduce fat without the drawbacks of surgery?

What Causes Body Fat?

It’s important not to label fat as a negative part of yourself. It serves its purpose in the complex system of your body, and without it, we couldn’t survive. But it can understandably affect the way you view yourself. That’s why it’s helpful to know where fat comes from to begin with.

Below the surface of your skin and distributed within your body are pockets of fat, which are essentially stored up energy that your body didn’t burn and so is saving to use later. Gaining fat is often due to eating more and moving less, as your body doesn’t get the opportunity to burn off the food energy, so instead stores it as fat deposits. 

This is a normal function of the body and allows you to manage your energy better, however, the increase in fat overall can become noticeable and cause problems with chafing, discomfort or poor self-esteem.

Different Types Of Body Fat

With that general idea of where fat comes from and why it’s there in the first place, it’s useful to know about the different types of body fat

There are three types of fat – white, beige and brown cells. These cells are stored in three different ways – essential, subcutaneous and visceral.

Essential fat says it in the name. You need this fat to be a functioning human and everybody requires this fat to be healthy. Subcutaneous fat is held under the surface of the skin, forming a layer. This is where the body stores its backup energy. 

Visceral fat is in the abdomen and surrounding major organs, and is dangerous if it reaches a high level. High amounts of visceral fat can lead to certain diseases. 

Now, while an aesthetician obviously won’t be removing fat from your organs or taking away your essential fat, it is the subcutaneous layer that can benefit from non-invasive fat reduction.

1. Exilis

Radiofrequency is an innovative way to reduce fat without the need for surgery. The Exilis Ultra device is used to contour your body while also reducing lines and wrinkles.

The Exilis Ultra treatment in particular combines monopolar radiofrequency energy with ultrasound, delivering this energy into your deep layers of tissue to break down fat cells. 

This process is called lipolysis, where your body naturally begins destroying and metabolising the targeted fat cells. This device can be used anywhere from the thighs, bottom, tummy and hips, to the jaw line and arms.

2. Emsculpt

If you’re looking for fat reduction and a body overhaul without going under the knife, then an Emsculpt treatment is right for you. 

This treatment involves delivering electrical frequency into the skin and muscles, essentially giving your body a workout without ever having to lift a weight or step on a treadmill.

When applied, the device stimulates the muscles to contract, similarly to when you would work out. But the Emsculpt goes further than that. A single 30-minute session is equal to doing 20,000 sit-ups. So you will see more fat reduction, better muscle tone and faster results than if you’d spent the same amount of time in the gym.

You can see why so many people love Emsculpt!

3. 3D Lipo

When it comes to stubborn fat, 3D Lipo fat freezing is one of the best non-invasive and surgery-free options. You can achieve between 30%-40% fat reduction after just one session and that’s all thanks to the way 3D Lipo works.

3D Lipo works through cryolipolysis, which is a long word for freezing fat until it is destroyed. Fat cells have a fairly weak cell structure, which makes them easy to target without affecting any other cells. 

The extreme temperature causes the cells to begin breaking down, triggering your body to flush them out naturally. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a slimmer figure without the fear of a long recovery, as the treatment doesn’t break the skin or leave scarring.

Which Is Best For You?

Now you know there are three ideal alternatives to fat reduction surgeries like liposuction. But which treatment is right for you? 

The answer depends on your body and individual goals. For the best results, ensure you visit a trustworthy clinic that will invite you to a consultation. There you can discuss your options and they can share which treatments might be the most effective for you.

If you’re ready to get in the consultation room, book a call with us and we’ll do just that.

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