Dark Eye Circles & Eye Bags

Are your eyes looking tired, hollow, with shadows and dark circles? We have have a number of treatments to treat eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.
Eye Bags Dark Circles
Eye Bags Dark Circles

Why Dark Circles & Eye Bags Develop?

There are a number of reasons why people develop dark circles and eye bags. Some reasons include ageing, fatigue, stress, sun exposure or genetics. At Dr Sobia Medispa, we offer a number of treatments that can help restore and refresh the eyes.

Available Treatments

We offer a number non-surgical treatments for a variety of cosmetic eye conditions. Our treatments range from injectables to device led treatments and can help restore and refresh the eyes and the surrounding area.

What Can Be Treated?

Eye Bags Dark Circles

Treatment Options

During your consultation we will carefully assess the treatment options available and develop a treatment plan. Some procedures can be combined to achieve the best possible outcome.

Before & After

Hallow Eyes
Eye Bags

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