Double Chin Reduction with FaceTite & Threads

Double Chin Reduction with FaceTite & Threads

It’s one of the things we hear most clients complain about – the double chin. Most likely because we find ourselves in the age of ‘the selfie’ and online meetings. People are staring at their own faces far more than ever before, creating self-awareness and highlighting those niggles we wish we could fix.

At Dr. Sobia Medispa, we believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their body. But for some, that comes with feeling empowered to take steps to remedy the things they feel less confident about.

That’s why we offer a huge variety of non-invasive treatments that can help give people the boost they need to feel good in their own skin.

Find out more about double chin reduction below…

What Is A Double Chin?

All chins are unique; some have more skin or sagging, giving a double chin appearance, which is normal. A double chin is how many people describe the area beneath the chin when excess skin, sagging or fatty tissue sits below the chin bone, giving the appearance of a second chin.

While it’s a common feature in many people, it can often appear as an unwanted companion in photographs and video calls, affecting your self-esteem. This particular area of skin can be influenced by a few different factors, such as age, lifestyle and genetics. A double chin can have nothing to do with excess fat but is simply the skin losing its natural elasticity.

Excess skin, loss of elasticity and fullness under the chin can make you feel self-conscious, and you may want to seek out a solution for a double chin reduction.

Because the chin is a prominent aspect of our profile, it’s easy to become hung up on this small area. Luckily, there are aesthetic treatments that don’t require any surgery that can help you boost your confidence around your chin. 

Why Is The Chin Area So Tricky To Manage?

The chin is a tricky area to manage and treat. While many people might try to achieve double chin reduction through simple weight loss, the results often disappoint. That’s because significant weight loss can leave behind sagging or excess skin. 

There are exercises that are suggested to target the muscles around your neck and under your chin, but they can only provide small improvements at best and likely won’t give you the drastic change you’re hoping for.

One of the other issues in dealing with double chins is the careful balance between excess fat and loose skin. When you lose weight, hoping to lose the double chin, your weight loss might not actually be occurring under your chin since there’s no way to target weight loss there.

And, once the fat cells beneath the chin shrink, your skin’s elasticity may not fully recover, making your chin look more saggy. 

But don’t worry if you’re feeling self-conscious of a double chin. There are professional, safe and effective treatments available to you.

What Treatment Can Help With A Double Chin Reduction?

Here at Dr. Sobia Medispa, we know what really works for double reduction, and you should know your options, too. Two main treatments can help reduce sagging and excess skin or fat cells under the chin. They are…


This minimal minimal-invasive treatment is hailed as the gold standard for double chin reduction. It’s a revolutionary procedure that utilises radiofrequency technology to contour your skin in highly targeted areas.

It delivers precise pulses of heat to the treated area, stimulating a natural collagen production process that simultaneously shrinks fat cells and improves skin elasticity. This means FaceTite is especially useful for getting rid of sagging skin and unwanted fat beneath the chin.

Thread Lift

A thread lift is an innovative option for tackling any kind of double chin concerns. Another non-surgical treatment, the thread lift, involves placing dissolvable, thin medical sutures directly under the skin to strategically lift and tighten certain areas of the face. 

The threads dissolve over time, encouraging the body to produce collagen in the treated areas for a longer-lasting improvement. For this reason, the thread lift is ideal for anyone looking for a subtle yet effective treatment of their chin area.

A Combined Approach

Both FaceTite and the thread lift capitalise on your body’s natural healing process, where collagen production and skin rejuvenation take place with stunning, natural-looking results. They’re a non-invasive way for you to target stubborn fat or lax skin beneath your chin, so you can feel more confident in your own body.

These two treatments can be impressive alone – and incredibly effective – but when combined, you really see a significant change. Together, the treatments address sagging skin and excess fat to a noticeable degree. 

The best part is that this combined treatment can be personalised to suit your concerns. So your transformation takes into account your specific desires and goals, for example, focusing on sagging skin more so than targeting fat cells. 

By targeting the appearance of a double chin both structurally and superficially, you can achieve an even better result that brings you closer to feeling more like you and focusing less on your chin during video chats!

Is A Double Chin Reduction Using FaceTite & Threads Right For Me?

Deciding whether you should get a double chin reduction is a personal one. And then, choosing whether to use FaceTite, a thread lift or a combined treatment is another important decision that depends entirely on you as an individual.

Professional consultation can help you decide if the right treatment is one or both. Our dedicated professionals at Dr. Sobia are here to guide you through this process with reliable, expert advice and private, purposeful consultations. 

In your consultation with an aesthetic clinician, you can expect to have your needs evaluated and your ideal results prioritised. Our professionals will advise you on the best course of action to get you the results you want.

Your consultation takes into account factors like your skin condition, colour, fat tissue and your general visual goals. The information gained in your consultation will let your clinician suggest a tailored treatment plan that will get a natural and long-lasting final look.

Improve Your Confidence With Non-Surgical Treatments

In a world where confidence is key, there’s no shame in seeking solutions that can help you feel your best. By embracing surgery-free treatments like FaceTite and thread lifts, you can give yourself renewed self-esteem without the risk and cost of surgery.

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