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Hair Loss Treatment

Our treatment for hair loss is a treatment where a patient’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp. This is a simple, non-surgical procedure which cab stimulate hair growth and provide fuller and healthier looking hair

Hair Loss Clitheroe, Burnley, Lancashire

How Does it Work?

A small blood sample is taken from the person being treated and put into a centrifuge which spins at high speed. This process separates the blood taken. The concentration of separated blood is then injected into the area of the person’s body that needs to be treated. The treatment is suitable for both men and women and has produced excellent result. Blood injected into the scalp can promote hair growth. This a natural procedure, using the patient’s own blood, which does not use any foreign material or animal derivative. Minimal swelling, bruising and redness can occur for 12-24 hours. Mild bruising can occur at the needle site which may be visible for two-three days.

Patients start noticing the benefits and re-growth around a month after the first treatment. A minimum of three sessions for the best results with a gap of four weeks between each session is recommended.

Before & After Results

Hair Loss Clitheroe, Burnley, Lancashire


Using the patient’s own blood, this is centrifuged and is then injected back into the scalp triggering increased hair growth.

4-6 treatments are recommended. Each treatment will be spaced at 4 weeks.

The treatment triggers natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle. This increases the thickness of the hair shaft.

Minimal swelling, bruising & redness can occur for 12-24 hours. Normal activity can be resumed after the procedure, but any exercise should be avoided for at least 24hrs.

Treatment Summary


Regrowth of hair


45 mins – 1hr






12-18 months


Avoid strenuous activity (i.e. exercising / lifting) for 24hrs


Slight bruising or swelling, and mild tension around treated areas


fr. £400 – £2000

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