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What We Offer At Our Harley Street Clinic

Dr Sobia Medispa has two prime locations, our flagship clinic in Clitheroe and our clinic on the world-famous Harley Street.

Our clients can conveniently get their treatments at either of our gorgeous clinics. You may find it more convenient to visit the location closest to home, or you might have a particular preference for one of our clinics. 

For those who would like to visit our Harley Street location, here’s what we can offer when you choose to come and see us…


This innovative treatment has so much to offer, ultimately providing skin tightening by stimulating collagen and elastin production. This is an ideal solution if you’re struggling with skin tone, texture and fine lines. 

Perfect for almost anyone, our Harley Street clinic specialises in Profhilo treatments, which help with skin laxity. As a result of the natural ageing process, your skin can start producing less collagen and elastin. This can lead to wrinkles and changes in your skin. 

Profhilo reverses this sign of ageing through its use of specialist dermal fillers. The safe and effective ingredients prompt your skin to produce its own collagen and elastin, creating more elasticity and firmness. Its primary use is for facial skin because targeting these sensitive areas is so easy.

Profhilo differs from traditional dermal fillers as it boosts stem cell production as well as collagen and elastin, all of which are key components to plump, hydrate and restore your skin. 

This is an ideal treatment for those who want a non-surgical option powerful enough to give the skin a natural, noticeable lift. It is suitable for many locations on your body, including your tummy, hands, face, neck, lips, decolletage and arms.

Anti-Wrinkle & Line Treatment

At our Harley Street clinic, we can treat lines and wrinkles on both the face and body. Wrinkles can come with age, genetics and lifestyle changes, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. But we also know you sometimes want to restore your skin’s smoothness and natural glow.

To prevent wrinkles and lines from appearing or deepening, a substance is used to block specific nerve signals. This results in relaxed facial muscles that don’t respond to actions like frowning or furrowing.

The procedure is quick, able to take place during your lunch hour! In addition, you won’t need to undergo months of long recovery as you would with invasive surgeries. You can continue with your normal life with minimal interruption. 

Usually, wrinkles can be tough to treat at home because of their progressive nature. Most creams and lotions on the market are only able to offer temporary or very subtle solutions. 

Our anti-wrinkle treatment is created to give longer-lasting results for a wide variety of wrinkles and fine lines. It can effectively reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and frown lines. And with our more advanced treatments, we can treat problems such as drooping jowls, necklines/bands and downturned mouth lines. 

The results of these procedures are often immediate, meaning you can see the difference right after your first session. Even better – your results will continue to unfold over the next 2-3 weeks.

Dermal Fillers

Restore volume loss and contour areas of sagging or wrinkled skin with dermal fillers. As part of the normal ageing process, your body slows down the production of a crucial chemical called hyaluronic acid. This causes the ongoing depletion of elastin and collagen, two of the most vital components for youthful, elastic skin. 

As a result, you can start noticing sagging cheeks, more noticeable lines on the face and loose skin around the jawline, all of which are normal. 

If you’re looking for plumper or more youthful-looking skin, then dermal fillers are your best choice. Through precisely placed injections of a specialist substance that mimics your body’s hyaluronic acid production, you can trigger new collagen and elastin in the desired areas. 

This gives you a natural, smoother, richer appearance to the skin. Your complexion appears more youthful overall, and your troublesome sagging skin or wrinkles are no longer a problem.

Dermal fillers are particularly useful for:

  • Thin lips
  • Eye hollows
  • Balancing nose bumps
  • Restoring cheeks
  • Contouring jawlines

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel, sometimes called a skin peel, is much more relaxing and rewarding than it might sound. If you have acne, scarring, textured skin or dull skin, then a chemical peel is a rejuvenating, exfoliating and surgery-free treatment made for you. 

Our Harley Street clinic chemical peels are a cost-effective alternative to laser treatment or anti-wrinkle injections. They work by applying a carefully balanced chemical to your skin in a relaxing and enjoyable process. 

The solution acts as a powerful exfoliant, removing the topmost layers of skin and revealing fresh, revived skin beneath. The problematic skin will flake off naturally over the next 2-3 days, giving you the full results after 7-10 days. 

Typically, chemical peels are a go-to treatment if you’re hoping for fast results that will also last a long time. It’s an especially popular option if you’re dealing with acne, scarring, pigmentation or you’re generally unhappy with your facial skin quality.

A chemical peel is the ultimate ‘reset button’ for your skin, letting you let go of your facial complaints and start fresh with more youthful, healthier skin. 

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No matter where you reside in the UK, whether in the north or south, you can visit either our Lancashire or Harley Street clinic, respectively. Rest assured that you will be greeted warmly and provided with top-notch advice and guidance.

If you’re looking for effective, safe aesthetic treatments for wrinkles, anti-ageing, acne, cellulite reduction and overall skin health, book your free consultation at our Harley Street clinic today. We’ll be happy to offer our professional, friendly advice.

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