Labia Tightening

Concerned with vaginal laxity, lack of sensation, orgasm and confidence? Our labia tightening treatment can help remodel your vagina. The treatment is very effective and there is no downtime.

Labia Tightening
Labia Tightening

What Is Labial Tightening?

Ageing, hormonal changes, and childbirth are all things that can stretch and alter the vaginal features in women. Many women may feel uneasy as a result and are uncomfortable with the way the vagina looks. Our non-surgical labial tightening treatment uses radio-frequency to achieve 

How Does Labial Tightening Work?

Our non-invasive, non-surgical labia remodelling treatment uses radio-frequency and ultrasound to heat the skin to a therapeutic temperature. Focused thermal energy disrupts collagen fibres. This stimulates fibroblastic activity, improving the healing process to produce new collagen fibres.

What Does it Improve?

Labia Tightening

What Happens During the Treatment?

Following a full assessment and consultation, a hand probe is used by the aesthetician to delivered focused radio-frequency and ultrasound waves to the labial area. The energy disrupts collagen fibres. This stimulates fibroblast activity. The treatment takes around 20 minutes. Following the treatment you may resume your normal day activity.

What are the Results?

This non-invasive treatment enables firming and shrinking of the labia, improving the appearance and firming the surrounding area. With no downtime, no discomfort, no pain, this fast, effective treatment results in significant improvement of the appearance of the vagina and also the improvement of sexual satisfaction. Some women see visible changes immediatly after the the treatment, although the results continue to improve over the weeks.

Labial Tightening FAQs

Labial Tightening is a non-surgical procedure that combines radio-frequency and ultrasound technology to remodel the vagina without surgery. The treatment combines the power of radio-frequency and ultrasound technology to tighten and remodel, plump and tighten the labia. This is particular aimed at those women who are conscious about the appearance of their vaginas which may have stretched and changed due to child birth or hormonal factors.

During the treatment focused thermal energy disrupts collagen fibres. This stimulates fibroblast activity, improving the healing process to produce new collagen fibres. This results in a tighter appearance of the vagina and an improvement of sexual satisfaction and confidence.

The treatment will improve the tightening of the labial area, which will appear firmer.

A minimum 3- 6 treatments (spaced one week between treatments) are recommended.
For some women, the results are instant. Results continue to improve and you will see a noticeability difference after a 4 weeks, with the appearance improving further after each treatment. A 6-12 monthly repeat treatment is required.
Slight redness may be experienced, although the treatments is very conformable. There is no downtime and normal activities can be resumed following the treatment.
You can return to normal activity immediately following your treatment. Avoid heat exposure for 48hrs. Keep well hydrated.

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