Our Consultation Process

Many of our patients ask us what our consultation process is and why it is necessary to have a consultation.

If you are planning to have an aesthetic treatment, it is important to understand why a detailed consultation with an expert practitioner is crucial before starting any treatment.


At Dr Sobia Medispa, our consultation process includes a comprehensive medical history, assessment of the treatment area, a photographic assessment and formulating and agreeing a detailed treatment plan. This is a really important step in your skin journey to enable us to understand your concerns and your skin goals

We take great care to understand your concerns and to understand the underlying causes of your skin, body and hair concerns. Our practitioners will guide you through treatment choices and also discuss the benefits and risks and alternative treatments which may also be suitable.

We will not be offended if you have lots of questions, and we always ensure that patients have ample opportunity to discuss their concerns and fully understand the treatments and associated risks. It is really important for our patients to ask questions to ensure they fully understand the treatment options, agreed plan, outcomes, any side effects and likely results.


During the consultation process, we will develop a bespoke treatment plan, and fully explain how we expect your treatment will progress and expected outcome. Importantly, we do not expect our patients to proceed with their treatment on the day. Instead we encourage people to have a careful think before proceeding and return to the clinic when they are ready to proceed.

We encourage patients to have a careful think before proceeding with any of our skin, face, body and hair treatment. Occasionally we have patients often return for a second consultation, with further questions.

During the consultation we encourage our patients to discuss their concerns openly. Our practitioners are here to help and we will support the patient to ensure they do not feel under-confident or embarrassed to discuss their concern. This enables us to get to the root of the concerns and formulate an effective treatment plan.


At Dr Sobia Medispa, our in-depth consultation process goes a long way to developing trust with our practitioners and the quality of treatments delivered.


 Contact our friendly clinical team today to make an appointment with Dr Sobia Syed. We look forward to meeting you at Dr Sobia Medispa.

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