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If you struggle with erectile dysfunction, it’s time to learn about the P Shot. 

Erectile dysfunction, or difficulty getting or sustaining an erection, can profoundly impact your sex life and self-confidence. But you shouldn’t feel alone in this – more men than you think share the same difficulties. 

Recent studies have shown that almost half of men (48%) in the UK in 2021 say they always, sometimes or occasionally experience erectile dysfunction. That’s equivalent to 16.5 million people. 

Just like those millions of people, you deserve to enjoy your body to its fullest, whatever your age. And the P Shot is a treatment that can help you do that.

What Is The P Shot?

The P Shot is a fast and effective treatment for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It’s a revolutionary treatment that offers sexual freedom and a huge confidence boost to those affected by erection difficulties. 

Otherwise known as the Priapus Shot, the P Shot is totally surgery-free, making it an excellent alternative to going under the knife or taking erectile medication for long periods.

It helps to stimulate the rejuvenation of penile tissue, encouraging the growth of new cells that result in improved sensation and better penile performance overall. 

Who Can The P Shot Help?

The P Shot is a naturally-derived treatment, making it a popular choice for people who want to improve their sex life without the stress of surgeries or the tricky timing of tablets. It’s the ideal option if you’re looking for fast and noticeable changes in your sexual enjoyment. 

You can use the Priapus Shot to treat a variety of conditions, which includes:

  • Lichen sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease (bent penis)
  • General sexual function & performance
  • Orgasm enhancement

Because the shot encourages healthy tissue growth, it effectively treats these issues. By rejuvenating the tissues through stimulating your body’s regenerative processes, you will improve sexual sensitivity, pleasure and function in general. This is something even some popular pills can’t achieve for you!

How Does It Work?

Your P Shot begins with a full and careful assessment to fully understand your struggles and what goals you wish to achieve, such as a firmer erection, increased pleasure or more intense orgasms.

Your qualified clinician will then instruct you on a bespoke treatment plan, letting you know how many sessions you may require to get the results you’re hoping for as fast as possible. 

The procedure is fast, pain-free for most people and gives you long-lasting results. First, some of your blood is drawn and prepared for the treatment by spinning it in a centrifugal machine. The extracted blood plasma is then carefully injected into your penis at specific points. 

The procedure only takes 45 minutes and immediately instigates the onset of fibroblast inflow as well as stem cell multiplication. Together, these natural processes in your body contribute to healthier and increased blood flow within your penis. 

Platelet rich plasma

Recovery, Downtimes & Results

As the procedure doesn’t take long, you don’t need to set aside a whole day to have your P Shot administered. And because there is zero downtime required with this erectile dysfunction treatment, you’ll be able to get back to work or your normal daily life without any delay. 

Directly after your session, you may experience a small amount of soreness at the injection site, just as you would with any injection. However, this sensation will quickly dissipate, and your body’s natural processes will get to work fast. 

The resulting increased blood flow from the treatment will give you stronger, longer-lasting erections as well as higher sensation and often an increase in the size of the penis when erect. These effects can last 1-2 years, meaning you can enjoy your sex life for longer!

How Much Does It Cost?

Improved sexual function can be life-changing, no matter your age. Whether you’ve been dealing with or managing erectile issues for decades or months, the Priapus Shot can allow you to feel more like yourself in and out of the bedroom. 

A single session of this treatment is likely to cost around £1200, and depending on various factors, your clinician may advise between 1-3 sessions. This ensures you get the best results for the most prolonged period possible. 

Why People Choose The Priapus Shot…

People seek solutions to erectile dysfunction to get more out of their sexual pleasure, but the P Shot does more than simply improve erections. The Priapus Shot has been noted to:

  • Give you firmer erections
  • Increase the sensation in the penis
  • Provide increased penile length and girth in some cases
  • Improve blood flow in the penis
  • Straighten the penis due to the healthier tissues and improved blood flow
  • Improve sexual performance overall
  • Allow for longer-lasting erections
  • Restore feeling and sensitivity in the penis for more pleasure
  • Reduce instances of premature ejaculation

If you wish to experience any of these benefits, then this could be a sex-life-changing treatment for you to consider.

P Shot

Ready For Improved Sexual Health?

Many men are living with erectile dysfunction and a lack of effective treatment options; you deserve to claim back your full sexual function. The Priapus Shot offers a non-surgical alternative that doesn’t require downtime and can provide long-lasting results.

If you’ve struggled with erectile dysfunction or any of the other disorders we’ve mentioned, you can find out more about the Priapus Shot treatment here.

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