What You Need To Know About Permanent Threads- Spring Threads

What You Need To Know About Permanent Threads: Spring Threads

Thread lifts have gained popularity because they offer a natural-looking lift to sagging skin without painful and invasive surgery. These revolutionary thread treatments give you the subtle yet noticeable support your skin needs to stay looking younger for longer. 

Thread lifts take less than an hour, and the results can be astounding. While thread lifts can give you an incredible new look, there is one variety that is particularly good at giving you longer-lasting benefits, and that’s the permanent thread, otherwise known as spring thread. 

Here’s what you need to know about spring threads if you’re considering a thread lift treatment…

What Are Permanent Threads?

You might have heard permanent threads referred to as spring threads. They’re an innovative treatment for bringing lift, support and contouring to sagging or loose skin. The threads themselves are actually crafted from a biocompatible type of silicone that won’t cause any nasty reactions within your body. 

Because they’re body-safe, you face a much lower risk of complications, and you don’t even need to go through an arduous surgery to get them. Thread lifts are most commonly used for the face, including the neck, jawline, cheeks and even around the corners of the eyes to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

With all that in mind, it’s easy to see why this treatment has become such a popular choice for people looking for a little lift without the fuss and danger of an invasive procedure.

How Do Permanent Threads Work?

Permanent threads work on a super miniscule level because the cells and tissue of your face work on the microscopic level, too. 

The threads use tiny cogs that are strategically placed along the threads themselves. These cogs anchor into the skin painlessly, giving the threads unbeatable lifting powers that can last the test of time.

When the threads are inserted carefully and purposefully under the surface of the skin, the cogs anchor in, and then the threads are gently pulled into position. In this way, they can effectively lift and reposition any sagging skin to give you that smoothened and youthful appearance.

Spring threads have a high number of cogs compared some thread options, which means they have an enhanced gripping power. So you get that little lift you’ve been looking for.

How Can A Permanent Thread Lift Improve My Appearance?

You can benefit from permanent threads in a huge number of ways, not least by achieving a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance for improved confidence in your own skin. Some of the key areas that spring threads can help with include:

Lifting cheeks: As part of the natural ageing process, our cheeks can start to sag, and we may feel like we look more tired. Permanent threads resolve this tired or drawn-down look by lifting the cheeks and giving you a more youthful contour.

Contour jawline: Similarly to lifting the cheeks, threads can offer you a more defined jawline, which is a recognisable sign of youth. Permanent threads mean you can enjoy a more angular jawline for much longer. 

Reduce sagging neck: A sagging neck can be a difficult complaint to deal with because many people believe it’s due to excess fat. In fact, lifting the skin around the neck can get rid of the double chin appearance or dangling, excess skin.

Improve nasal folds: Your nasolabial folds can make you look older and tired – they’re the lines that run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth, which can give you a ‘sad mouth’ look. This can become more pronounced over time. Permanent threads help to soften these folds for a smoother appearance.

Reduce eye wrinkles: Fine lines around the eyes and crow’s feet are a common cause for concern, but permanent threads can specifically target these areas, rejuvenating the eye area for that fresh and ready look.

Smooth out brow: If you deal with sagging brows that make you look older than your years, spring threads can help to give support to the brow structure, opening up the eyes and brows for a more refreshed look.

Spring Threads vs PDO Threads

Before we go any deeper into the results, it’s important to note that there are different types of thread treatments available. The most common comparison is between spring threads and PDO threads. 

Spring threads differ from PDO threads because they’re made from a much more flexible and bouncy material. This means they can stretch and flex with your skin for a reliably more natural appearance. Because of their design, they offer a longer-lasting result.

On the other hand, PDO threads are a soluble suture. Threaded under the skin similarly, they work with tiny hooks that engage with the skin rather than cogs. The material they’re made from is created to dissolve over time, the specific compounds triggering your body to create elastin in its place.

Both options have specific uses and a different final look, so looking at your options from the beginning is important.

Are Permanent Threads Right For Me?

Deciding whether getting permanent threads is right for you is an important step because different treatments are better at targeting your specific complaints. Thread lifts are incredibly effective, low-risk compared to surgery and provide immediate and long-lasting results, but are they right for you? 

The best way to decide is to consult with a professional clinician. They should have a specialisation in thread lift treatments, particularly spring threads, to give you a clear idea of what to expect.

During your consultation, the qualified practitioner should examine your concerns, talk about your unique goals and provide you with personalised treatment recommendations and plans. 

Having a consultation isn’t just helpful; it’s essential. This is a crucial opportunity to find out if threads are the best solution for you. Bear in mind that things like skin type, age and desired results can affect whether this is the right treatment for you, and your practitioner will share with you everything you need to know.

Your Permanent Threads…

For a more youthful appearance, a natural, lifted look and targeted skin support, permanent spring thread lift treatments could be the non-surgical option you’ve been looking for. Made from biocompatible silicone and designed to enhance your skin’s lift, these threads can work wonders on sagging skin. 

To find out if permanent threads are right for you, get started by booking your initial consultation with us at Dr. Sobia Medispa, and our professional, friendly team will help you decide your next step. 

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