The Power Of Polynucleotides – The Skincare Secret Everyone Wants To Know

One of the newest skincare treatments to reach the UK, polynucleotides are a true game-changer. An injectable bio-simulator, polynucleotides act to promote rejuvenation, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, meaning improved skin firmness and elasticity. 

The results are incredible, with significant rejuvenation being seen after treatments, helping with skin problems such as acne and eczema as well as leading to more youthful and smoother skin.

But what are polynucleotides? How do they work, and what can they do for you?

What Are Polynucleotides?

Settle down – this is the science bit.

Nucleotides are the molecules that make up DNA and RNA; polynucleotides are long chains of those nucleotides and carry genetic information that is used for various biological processes. They are harvested from salmon or trout and are highly purified.

The polynucleotides now being used to treat ageing are tiny molecules that closely match human DNA and have been proven to stimulate the production of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen and elastin. As we age, the natural production of both collagen and elastin decreases, leading to less youthful skin that sags and wrinkles – thanks to the polynucleotides, this process is reignited, leading to a natural regeneration that is perfectly safe and without many of the side effects of dermal fillers.

How Does It Work?

Unlike dermal fillers that are used to treat the symptoms of ageing, polynucleotides mimic the body’s natural DNA repair process, treating the very cause.

Used as an injectable, polynucleotides are able to treat specific areas. These include the eyes, where polynucleotides are able to be used when tear-trough filler would be unsuitable, the face and neck, and jawline.

One of the other significant benefits for skin condition sufferers is the healing nature of polynucleotides. Used as a treatment for acne, for example, polynucleotides are seen to have an impressive healing and regenerative effect that helps skin heal and clear rapidly. Inflammation is calmed, and melanocyte activity is rebalanced, leading to brighter, refreshed skin.


The Downsides of Polynucleotides

With any new skincare treatment, the question has to be, ‘is it safe?’. It is most important that any treatment is done by a qualified professional as the main risks come from the injection itself and are mitigated by expertise, with potential redness, swelling, and bruising around the site the most frequent problems. More serious side effects, such as an allergic reaction, are extremely rare.

What Can Polynucleotides Help With?


One of the most talked about aspects of new polynucleotide treatments is that of its anti-ageing properties. It is described as a ‘fountain of youth’ in many circles, effectively turning back the clock on ageing and giving your body a completely new lease of life. 

Around the eyes, bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet are all improved through the use of polynucleotides, providing a youthful aesthetic that other treatments may find difficult. Facial wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed as the skin is rejuvenated, and moisture levels are raised, banishing the appearance of dehydrated skin and replacing it with a smoother, brighter, and healthier complexion.

Acne and Scarring

Polynucleotides promote tissue regeneration, fighting skin damage in the form of scars or acne. Rapid results mean that a clearer, vibrant look is revealed after only a few treatments.


Used in combination with other techniques, such as microneedling or laser resurfacing, polynucleotides offer a superior final result. The impressive healing properties of the treatment mean that the end effect is of far higher quality, with a more natural and peerless level of skin recovery.

Long-Term Ageing Resistance

Polynucleotides act as an antioxidant, shielding your skin from the environmental effects and staving off premature ageing. In this way, polynucleotide treatments ensure a more sustained impact than other treatments.

Benefits at a Glance

With a wide range of benefits, polynucleotides are good for:

  • Skin elasticity
  • Removing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving sagging skin
  • Skin texture
  • Countering dehydrated skin
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Diminishing redness
  • Countering sun damage
  • Healing skin damage

How Long Do The Results Last?

Results begin to occur after a few weeks, but the polynucleotides continue to do their work in the background for around 12 weeks. It will be 6-9 months before a maintenance treatment is recommended to keep the continued benefits from the polynucleotides.

Benefitting from the Latest in Skincare Treatments

Excited about the possibilities offered by polynucleotides? You’re not alone. Skincare has had many groundbreaking treatments, and this latest addition is likely to be one of the most sought-after. Book a consultation to see just how incredible polynucleotide treatment can be.

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