Shaping Up 4 Body Contouring Treatments To Define Your Figure

Shaping Up: 4 Body Contouring Treatments To Define Your Figure

Searching for physique shaping and body contouring treatments? This is a fantastic time to start looking. The first few months of a new year are a great time to set new goals. There’s a wave of optimism that comes with a fresh start, pushing us towards creating new, meaningful goals and starting long-awaited journeys. 

With this boost of focus and determination giving you motivation, it’s a perfect time for self-reflection and investment in yourself. Among the things you might want to include, self-care and well-being should be fairly high on your list. Taking care of yourself means you’ll be better placed to face the daily grind with optimism and confidence.

And if it’s your physique that’s on your mind, then have a read of this blog to discover our top 4 treatments to help contour your body – revealing the shape you want.

Body Contouring Treatments Vs Weight Loss

Before we dive into the specifics of each treatment, it’s important to understand what body contouring is and how it fits with weight loss. While these treatments aren’t a substitute for weight loss, they can aid your progression on your weight loss journey. 

At Dr Sobia Medispa, our treatments are designed to help define and contour your body, eradicating the hard-to-shift pockets of fat that can get you down. 

But what’s the real difference between typical weight loss and body contouring treatments? Losing weight means consistent adaptation of your diet, exercise routine and lifestyle choices. Essentially, losing weight is a holistic way to shed pounds from the scale. 

Body contouring treatments use proven, clinical treatments to sculpt the appearance of the body. It refines and defines the specific area on your body (and even face) to contribute to the silhouette you’re hoping for.

While weight loss focuses on reducing your overall body weight, for example, to reduce BMI or reap health benefits, body contouring treatments target specific areas of the body, artfully getting rid of hard-to-shift fat. 

These treatments can elevate your physique when used alongside an active and healthy lifestyle.


When it comes to body contouring treatments, Exilis is a treatment that stands out as the cutting-edge of contouring options. By utilising the power of radiofrequency technology, this procedure doesn’t just remove fat; it stimulates a natural process that breaks down the targeted fat. At the same time, this natural process tightens the skin, giving you a naturally contoured look. 

A handpiece is used to deliver the treatment, feeling similar to a massage. This handpiece creates heat that destroys the targeted fat cells. 

Exilis is so popular because it can also help to combat cellulite, making it a versatile solution that you use across multiple areas of the body. This means you can address specific areas of concern that may bother you and be difficult to treat with regular weight loss. 


  • Uses radiofrequency to break down fat cells and tighten skin 
  • Can be used on both the body and face
  • Effectively treats cellulite concerns


Emsculpt is a unique procedure that takes body contouring treatments to the next level. It has the ability to both target and break down fat cells in your desired areas as well as build up muscle simultaneously.

A set of comfortably placed paddles are used to deliver energy that causes your targeted muscles to contract, simulating a muscle-focused workout!

This treatment achieves this by using stimulating electromagnetic energy, inducing super-maximal muscle contractions. It’s basically an intense workout for your target areas! Don’t be put off by the thought of electromagnetic power – it’s not as scary as it sounds. In fact, this revolutionary tech is hugely popular for its pain-free procedure. 

Using this dual-action approach makes Emsculpt an innovative choice for anyone looking to sculpt their body, particularly muscular areas like the buttocks, arms and tummy.


  • Burns fat while also building up muscle tone
  • Uses safe and effective electromagnetic energy
  • Can be used for multiple areas of the body, but especially muscular areas
Emsculpt Dr Sobia Medispa


Looking for a treatment that can give you a full-body contour? BodyTite is a real game-changer. It’s a radiofrequency-assisted fat contraction procedure that reduces fat from the targeted areas of the body. But the best part is that it can be used all across the body, so you’re not limited to the most popular spots like the tummy, legs and arms. Wherever your troublesome areas are, BodyTite can help.

This procedure involves a local anaesthetic to numb the treated area, an applicator that delivers the powerful RF contract fat.

From the hips to the back, BodyTite offers a whole-body experience of contouring, so you can contour your body with precision and ease. 


  • Uses radiofrequency for a finetuned result
  • Can be used all over, including the thighs, tummy, waist, buttocks and back

Fat Freezing

Fat freezing, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, has been used for over a decade. It’s a popular option for anyone looking for a non-invasive approach to body sculpting. It works by applying your targeted areas with controlled, cold temperatures. This precise temperature level effectively destroys fat cells, giving you a substantial fat reduction!

A 3D cryofreeze applicator is used on your chosen body parts, the handpiece freezes the fat cells to a temperature of -6 degrees, resulting in fat cell death while other cells remain healthy.

The best thing about fat freezing is its results. It boasts a 20-40% fat deposit reduction, giving you the transformation even weight loss alone might not give you. Fat freezing is a more permanent method than some other treatments, as once the fat cells are destroyed, they’re permanently removed from those areas treated.

Fat freezing…

  • Gives you a 20-40% reduction in fat
  • Can be used to treat tummy, buttocks, arms, legs and back
  • A more permanent fat removal option

Considering Body Contouring Treatments?

If contouring your figure is your goal, these treatments can make the process pain-free and easy. Body sculpting is more effective than ever with minimally and non-invasive treatments like these. 

We can help you come up with a treatment plan that helps you reach your goals. So, if you’re ready to take action and focus on yourself more this year, book a consultation with one of our experts today.

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