Spring Thread Lift

Spring Thread is a minimally invasive treatment of mild to moderate sagging of the face, neck or brow that creates a more youthful-looking facial profile without the need for surgery.
thread lift
thread lift

Spring Thread is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that corrects sagging skin and rejuvenates facial features by elevating facial tissues. By creating a new support structure for the lifted facial tissue, the treatment erases the sad and tired look, refreshes facial definition, and restores a more youthful appearance.

Unlike absorbable threads, Spring Thread is comprised of 100% biocompatible permanent materials. This makes the lifting substantial and the results longer lasting. Additionally, the threads have a similar elasticity to the skin, around 20%, which allows them to expand and contract with natural facial movement and expression, leading to natural-looking results.

How Does it Work?

Spring Thread works through a unique mechanism that combines their flexible elasticity with strategically positioned cogs. These cogs gently lift and anchor the sagging tissue, creating a supportive framework underneath the skin. The flexible elasticity of the threads allows for dynamic stabilization of the tissue, ensuring that the results look natural as they move harmoniously with your facial expressions.

As time passes, the threads stimulate the body’s natural collagen production, further enhancing the lifting effects and contributing to the rejuvenation process.

Treatable Area

thread lift

What Happens During the Procedure?

Following a full consultation, the treatment area will be numbed to make it as comfortable as possible. Spring Thread threads are then inserted beneath the skin with the help of a blunt needle. The procedure takes around 60 minutes. You will be given aftercare instructions following the procedure and asked to attend a follow-up review.

What are Spring Lifting Results?

The results of a Spring Thread Lift are immediate and continue to improve over several months as the body produces more collagen around the threads. The effects can last between 3-5 years, but individual results may vary.

Before & After

Spring Thread Lifting FAQs

A Spring Thread Lift is a minimally invasive facelift procedure that elevates and tightens facial skin whilst providing tissue under the skin, structure to maintain the lift. The result is more youthful facial definition and healthier looking skin.

Unlike absorbable threads, Spring Thread is made from permanent materials that can lift and support the skin for much longer. Furthermore, the threads also promote new collagen production. Spring Thread is made from polyester with 100% biocompatible soft silicone cogs, which have been utilised safely in surgical implants for many years.
Spring Thread can be used to effectively lift the face, neck and brow.

Spring Threads can achieve longer lasting results compared to absorbable threads, typically, 3-5 years.

There may be some puckering, minor bruising, and dimples on the skin following the procedure. Some swelling or redness is also normal. These side-effects should completely resolve between 2-14 days.
After treatment, you should avoid any treatments on your face or dental treatment. Contact sports should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. To avoid complications to the treated area on the face or neck, it is advised that you sleep on your back for a few days.

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