Spring Threads – How Do They Differ From Other Threads1

Spring Threads – How Do They Differ From Other Threads

Thread lifts are dominating the aesthetic industry. They provide such a simple and pain-free alternative to a surgical facelift.

People looking to reduce lines and wrinkles, or create more contour to their profile have been turning to the thread lift because it’s so effective, and at less than an hour for the treatment with no downtime, it can even be fitted into your lunch break!

But under the thread lift umbrella, there’s a variety of options to choose from to ensure you get the best from our treatment. Spring threads, PDO threads, cogs and screws – it’s pretty confusing!

We’re here to help you make sense of it all so you know what spring threads are and how they differ from the other types of thread lifts…

Thread Lifts: An Overview

To give you the clearest idea of what spring threads can do for your aesthetic goals, we first need to give you all the essentials of thread lifts in general. Thread lifts, generally speaking, all share a common goal.

If you’re looking to uplift, reduce sagging or loose skin and create a supportive structure that leaves you with a youthful appearance, thread lifts are the solution.

One of the defining features of thread lifts is their versatility. They’re ideal for most concerns related to the effects of ageing of the skin. Thread treatments include:

Mid-face lift: Targeting the mid-face region, this treatment provides lift and rejuvenation to the cheeks and jowls. 

Lower face lift: Focusing on the lower aspects of the face, this treatment can address sagging skin and lines around the jawline and chin, most commonly jowls.

Neck lift: If you’re concerned by the skin on your neck becoming lax, thin or loose then a thread lift can improve firmness and create a more contoured neck.

Eyebrow lift: Elevate your eyebrows subtly to create a more awake and youthful appearance with the shape of the brow. 

Nasolabial fold reduction: Struggling with the appearance of the folds or lines around your nasal area? Threads can reduce the prominence of these concerns.

Marionette line smoothing: Thread lifts can soften the appearance of marionette lines, which extend downward from the corners of the mouth.

What Are Spring Threads?

Spring threads have a couple of names you might recognise. They’re sometimes referred to as spring-loaded threads or spring sutures. Whatever name you know them by, its their unique design that sets them apart from other types of thread lifts.

First of all is their innovative material. They’re usually made from something called poly-L-lactic acid (PLA). This has quickly become a widely popular substance in cosmetic treatments because of its well-established track-record. It’s a biocompatible material, which means it’s totally safe to have in your body as it doesn’t conflict or react with any of your body’s natural compounds or processes. 

This substance is also capable of promoting collagen growth, so not only is it a flexible, durable thread, it’s a nourishing, active component in your treatment.

The other recognisable feature of the spring thread is its namesake structure. Its spring-like construction lets them move in harmony with your natural movements, sitting beneath the skin without causing unnatural disruption.

Because of these elements, the spring threads are an especially adaptable choice to suit many goals.

Spring Threads – How Do They Differ From Other Threads

How Do Spring Threads Differ From Other Threads?

Now that you’re familiar with spring threads and how they function, it’s important to be able to compare them to your other options. Two of the other most notable thread types in thread lift procedures…

PLA threads:

While spring threads can also be made of this material, poly-L-lactic acid (or PLA), there are other threads that are made of PLA, but don’t have the spring-like qualities of a spring thread. These PLA threads focus more on the regenerative properties of PLA. Since this substance is so effective at promoting targeted and long-lasting collagen production, PLA threads can be used for an ultra-natural and subtle enhancement of specific areas of the face and neck over a longer period.

PDO threads:

Another hugely popular thread type is polydioxanone (PDO) threads. Where PLA threads offer a gradual increase in collagen production for a super natural change, PDO threads offer a more immediate result. This substance is known for being extremely effective at stimulating collagen for a fast and more noticeable uplift in your appearance. To get the desired level of lift with PDO, you may require multiple treatment sessions.

Spring threads:

For a clear contrast, spring threads combine the best of both worlds. They offer the immediate lifting effects of PDO threads along with the long-term collagen production of PLA. This combination makes spring threads a compelling option if you want a swift but subtle rejuvenation that lasts the years.

What Are The Benefits Of Spring Threads?

By choosing spring threads you get the advantage of several particular benefits, when compared to other thread types…

  1. Natural elasticity – the unique flexibility of spring threads means they can move just as your skin moves, so you get a flawless, flexible result that remains effective and discreet with every expression.
  2. Dramatic results – spring threads give you immediate, clear differences in uplift, providing a dramatic, contouring effect you’ll want to show off the day of your appointment.
  3. Longer lasting – the design and materials used in these threads means they last for longer, up to 3 years and sometimes even longer!
  4. Collagen stimulation – Along with the immediate lift you get the benefit of collagen stimulation so your body supports your lift naturally alongside the threads.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Spring Threads?

While it’s true that you can get numerous benefits from this thread treatment, it’s also important to consider these points if you want to achieve your desired aesthetic goals…

Correct Placement Is Crucial

When it comes to these threads, it really is important to have an experienced and skilled thread lift practitioner who knows what they’re doing. Choose a reputable clinic with a proven track record of successful procedures to minimise the chance of anything going wrong.

Results Are Not Permanent

Like all thread lift treatments, the result, no matter how incredible, is not permanent. Although PLA material means that your skin is also supporting the results with new collagen, if you want to maintain the same level of uplift, then you may need to consider touch-up sessions several years in the future.

Get Uplifted With Spring Threads…

Spring threads have significant differences that make them the ideal choice for some patients. Their composition, combined with the spring loaded design, means you can get long-lasting, immediate and natural looking results. 
To get started on your uplifting journey to more youthful skin, book a consultation with our friendly and professional practitioners, and get all of the information and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

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