Vaginal Tightening – Let’s Talk Sexual Health And Confidence

Vaginal tightening doesn’t need to be a taboo subject. It can be a bit of an elephant in the room if you’re struggling with issues like incontinence, prolapse or cystitis. You might feel too embarrassed to seek help with some of these personal problems, but they’re more common than you may think.

As many as 1 in 20 women suffer from sexual arousal dysfunction disorder and in a recent study over 60% of women reported experiencing urinary incontinence. So you’re not alone, whatever your symptoms. 

You don’t have to just put up with vaginal laxity either. You have to live with your body every day and you deserve to enjoy life as much as anyone else.

Here are some treatments for women’s health that you can consider if you struggle with vaginal laxity and similar issues.

Common Problems

vaginal tightening

When we talk about vaginal tightening we’re actually talking about solving a problem called vaginal laxity, this is where the vagina and its many complex parts stop functioning as you’d normally expect, causing you unusual and sometimes uncomfortable issues.

The most common problems include…

Low libido

Many women struggle with low libido for a host of reasons. If you’re experiencing a lower sex drive, the inability to properly self-lubricate during sex or feel pain during intercourse, you are likely dealing with low libido. 


Urinary incontinence is when you can’t control your bladder movements, particularly under stress. This means you might find yourself leaking if you laugh, jump or cough.


Prolapse is unpleasant but is treatable. Pelvic prolapse is when some of the internal parts of your pelvis slip down and bulge within the vagina.


Vaginal dryness is incredibly common, requiring you to use lubrication either specifically during sex or every day for comfort because your body is not naturally lubricating itself.


Cystitis is painful and more likely among women who have already experienced a bladder infection. Cystitis is when you have repeated, sometimes unexplained urinary infections, usually accompanied by lower tummy pain.

Common Causes

Vaginal tightening treatments are an excellent way to treat and manage these women’s health issues, but what causes them to start with?

One of the most common causes of vaginal laxity is ageing. As your body goes through the natural ageing process, it produces less oestrogen and less collagen, giving your skin less of its natural elasticity. Hormonal effects of ageing on the vagina are especially noticeable following menopause, which can bring about vaginal dryness and incontinence in particular.

Childbirth is another big reason that women seek vaginal tightening. The physical pressure of carrying a baby and then giving birth, whether naturally or by caesarean, is traumatic on your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.

Sudden hormonal changes alone are a big factor in your vaginal health. Your hormones may have fluctuated greatly for some reason, such as after changing birth control or due to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome. This change in hormone balance can have an impact on your pelvic organs and vaginal health. 

Now you know what may be causing the problems you’re struggling with, here are some options that can help you feel more like your confident self again.


The O-Shot® procedure is a revolutionary way for women who suffer from female sexual arousal disorder to claim back their vaginal function.

This treatment is designed for women who may want to have sex, but find it difficult to become physically aroused. This is a common and often unmentioned disorder, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your sex life. 

The O-Shot works by injecting your own blood into the vaginal area, naturally stimulating the development of healthier vaginal tissue over a period of time. As a topical anaesthetic is applied, any discomfort is minimised and many patients report feeling no pain at all. 

The best part? It’s called the O-Shot for a reason! Following this procedure, you can experience benefits like stronger orgasms, decreased pain during intercourse and more natural lubrication of your vagina.

vaginal tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal sagging (otherwise known as vaginal laxity) is something many women experience as they age or after giving birth. But despite its common nature, some women still feel they can’t talk about this with professionals, preventing them from feeling truly confident.

The Ultra Femme 360 treatment is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that can help with:

  • Low libido
  • Low sexual confidence
  • Sexual dysfunction disorders
  • Vaginal weakness

By delivering safe radio-frequency pulses onto specifically targeted areas, you can achieve results like improved clitoral blood flow (for more intense arousal) and vaginal tightening including tightening of the labia, vaginal canal and vaginal opening. 

With no recovery time and immediate results from the first session, the Ultra Femme 360 is a complete solution for vaginal laxity.

Labial Tightening

If the idea of vaginal tightening through surgery sounds a bit scary, non-surgical labial tightening could be the best option for you. This treatment works for women struggling with low sexual confidence or who struggle with the issues that accompany vaginal laxity, like difficulty achieving orgasm.

In this surgery-free procedure, sagging skin around the vagina is targeted using ultrasound and radiofrequency technology. This warms the skin to a therapeutic and pleasant temperature, triggering new growth of collagen fibres which will lift, plump and revive your vaginal skin.

This is an excellent alternative if you’re not ready for more drastic or painful surgical options – labial tightening is pain-free and has no downtime.

Want To Learn More About Vaginal Tightening?

vaginal tightening

It’s time to take the stigma away from vaginal laxity, low libido, dryness and prolapse and find a vaginal tightening treatment that will work for you. With more comfort in your sexual health, better self-lubrication and a tighter vaginal canal and labia, you can find renewed confidence in yourself.

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Say goodbye to vaginal laxity and hello to a happy vagina!

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